Dispute Resolution

At EQ our primary objective is to help you find solutions. We believe that most legal problems have the potential to be settled out of court efficiently, cost effectively and with long lasting results. While we know that this is not always possible we will work towards achieving this goal so that you can avoid unnecessary legal fees.

Civil Litigation

Despite our dispute resolution focus we do understand that certain resolutions require judicial intervention. We hope to customize your litigation experience by being flexible to your financial needs and provide services on a case by case basis. We have experience in all levels of court in British Columbia including multiple regulatory boards and tribunals.

Unbundled Services

With the judicial system seeing a significant rise in self represented litigants, we at EQ are able to offer document preparation as well as legal coaching at a flat fee to get you prepared for your upcoming trial or hearing.

What we do

Having worked in the social justice environment for more than 10 years EQ understand the difficulties involved in navigating the legal system and the stress that usually accompanies litigation. We aim to give you peace of mind by offering solutions that best suit your individual needs.

Our approach involves a holistic assessment of your legal problem so that we can understand what matters most to you. Once we determine your priorities and your objectives we aim to find a resolution that's in your best interest.



Next Steps...

Call us for a free 30-minute consultation where we can assess your legal problem and talk about next steps together.